How to change the oil in your 2006 KX250F

Items needed: 1.3 quarts of good quality 10-40w motorcycle engine oil, oil filter, flat head screwdriver, funnel, 10 and 14mm socket wrenches.

Step 1 – Open the oil filler cap on the right side of the engine on the top of the clutch cover.
Requires a flat head screwdriver.

Step 2 – Using a 14mm socket wrench unscrew the drain-plug on the bottom of the engine.
make sure that you have something to drain it into. They sell pretty neat pans at wal-mart and auto-zone.

Step 3 – Use a 10mm socket wrench or t-handle to loosen the smaller drain-plug located not far from the bigger one.

Step 4 – Replace both drain plugs.

Step 5 – Gently place your kx250f on the ground with the clutch cover or right side facing up.

Step 6 – loosen the oil filter cover by unscrewing the two 10mm screws.

Step 7 – Remove the oil filter cover cap and using a screw driver pull the oil filter out.

Step 8 – Take a little oil and rub it on the seal of the new oil filter.

Step 9 – Replace filter and cover as well as screws.

Step 10 – Stand bike straight up , use a funnel and pour good quality 10-40w motorcycle engine oil into the engine. We use 1.3 quarts until the window on the clutch cover has oil near the upper measuring line but the exact specs are listed on the side of the engine.

Run the engine and let the oil settle again. Then re-check the level and top off if needed.

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10 thoughts on “How to change the oil in your 2006 KX250F

  1. Good day!
    1) The sideglass max is 1.3L, e’though specs needs 1.5L.
    Does it a matter in all aspects?

    2) Do oil weight of 40 can handle all extreme hot?

  2. Hello! Follow what is says on the side of your KX250F’s case. However you should stop a little before you put all of the oil in. Then put the bike outside and warm it up for about 30 seconds put the bike back on an upright stand and let it cool , then check where the oil is on the sideglass and top off towards the top like as needed.

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  3. Does the washer need to be replaced? I was told by a dealership that the washer has to be replaced. I get about a drip a day from the large drain bolt.

  4. how do i drain the coolant from my bike? probably a dumb question but i dont want to do something and mess up my bike lol thanks

  5. Hey my 06 kx250f leaks oil very little when left alone but when started up like a minuet after running it just dumps a huge amount out. It lost most oil I would say within a 30 secounds. It stopped when shut off. And when I went to shift to first it cut off. The clutch wasn’t working. Something inside though cause I inspected everything outside and it looked good. So I’m confused.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that! When did your clutch stop working? Was it while you were riding? Also where is the oil coming out of? The drain plug? The oil overflow hose?

    This will help me better answer your question ?

    -Moto Adam

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  8. I am SO confused. EVERYWHERE I can find online says about 1300cc of oil in the 06′ KX250F. I put that in my bike, but it leaks. Talked to a trusted Vet Tech and he immediately says 800cc. WTH? Please shed some light, someone.

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